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music wishlist November 27, 2010

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other than listening to my she&him pandora music station i haven’t been nearly as active a music listener as i used to be.

there are, however, a few songs that i would love to own, but don’t seem to available for purchase as either an mp3 or CD.  if anyone out there has these songs, or knows where i can get them, please let me know!


arctic monkeys :: only you know
(apparently i love arctic monkeys covers of oldies)



teddy thompson :: take care of yourself
heard today on KCRW


currently listening: Fiona Apple covers Cy Coleman April 4, 2009

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Fiona Apple :: Why Try to Change Me Now




Then was Then and Now is Now: A Tribute to Cy Coleman

Fiona Apple,Why Try To Change Me Now,USA,Deleted,5


still trying to find a copy of this CD for sale…


surprise September 7, 2008

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this was a golden weekend for me, meaning a weekend with TWO whole days off.  in a row.  these only come once a month during our inpatient rotations, and i usually spend mine: 1) catching up on sleep, 2) catching up on dictations, and 3) catching up on errands. 

i was post-call Friday, and basically slept all afternoon, woke up and ate dinner and tried to do some work, and then back to sleep til Saturday.  did a little bit of work on Sat before heading out to the parents’ house in Cerritos.  i had plans to go shopping at the mall with my brother, so when I got to Cerritos, my brother and i headed to the mall almost immediately.

unbeknownst to me, something (by the name of Josh) was afoot. 

my brother and i spent a couple hours at the mall; i returned a few things, bought a few more.  at one point, we passed by a jewelry store going out of business and i joked to my brother that i should tell josh to look for rings there.  my brother spent a lot of time on the phone, talking to someone i thought was one of his friends.

though Josh had told me he was visiting his family in Atwater, he had apparently driven down from Norcal on Sat morning, and had reached Socal by the afternoon.  after my brother and i left for the mall, Josh went to my parents’ house to formally ask them for permission to marry me.

my brother and i returned from the mall, and had dinner with my parents (josh had left because he was planning to surprise me at my apt).  i did some laundry, and was hanging out, waiting for my clothes to dry.  the entire time, no one let on that anything was going on.  in retrospect, the only thing that seemed unusual was that my mom kept telling me to call her the next day.  (i thought it was just my mom being her normally weird self.)

by the time i got back to my apt, it was past midnight.  i called josh for our nightly phone conversation but he didn’t answer. (he’d gotten tired of waiting for me, and had decided to go to 24 hr finess, since he had nowhere else to go).  i was awoken by my cell phone ringing at 2 am, and was surprised to find that it was josh calling me in the middle of the night.

“do you know what time it is?!  why are you calling me?!”  i sleepily answered.

the next thing i know, someone is knocking on the door at 2 in the morning.  very confused as to why Josh was calling so late, and now why someone would be knocking on the door so late, i stumbled out of bed and opened the door to find Josh standing on my doorstep with a bouquet of roses.

“what are you doing here?!  i’m sooo confused,”  i said, still half-asleep.  I couldn’t quite believe everything that was happening, it was like a strange dream.

And there, in my living room with boxes still unpacked, and me in my PJs and half-asleep, Josh proposed.  I cried, of course.  And somewhere along the way,  I said yes.

we're engaged!

we're engaged!


the ring

the ring


hello July 12, 2008

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an update emailed to some friends:

helloooo people
i have been practically living at the hospital, more specifically, the NICU.  tomorrow is my first day off in 2 weeks, and i can’t believe how i’ve gone this long on 5 hrs or less of sleep per night.
my first call was scary since it was only day 3 of work, i had no senior resident or fellow with me, and it was the weekend so i also had to round on twice as many pts in the morning.  luckily the babies decided to spare me and there were only a couple of times i wanted to freak out, and only once that i paged the attending.
i pretty much live and breathe NICU at this point.  get up at 5, get to the hospital at 6, leave around 5 or 7 pm, take a short nap, eat dinner, check e-mail, and then start pre-noting or working on d/c summaries for the next day.  the good news is that after working 10 days straight, i’m feeling more comfortable (the first day of rounding was a disaster) and i’m finding myself worried that i actually sorta kinda maybe *like* the NICU.
also you know what’s weird?  walking out of the hospital post-call and having to actually think about where i parked my car the morning prior.

and so it begins June 26, 2008

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day 2 on the NICU and i *just* got home.  yes, that is a 13 hr day.  and yes, i still have work (prep for tomorrow) to do from home (not sure if computerized records is a + or – here).

the funny thing is, i quite like being in the hospital, and as crazy as today was, it’s not like i didn’t like what i was doing  (checking on kiddos, ordering meds, calling consultants, discharging pts, answering nurses’ questions…).   i just hate being so inefficient.  hopefully i’ll get the swing of things soon so that i can have a lot more fun on this rotation.

ps  being able to write orders without needing someone to cosign is awesome

pps i still need to get used to being called “dr”


the real world June 17, 2008

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For those of us who have been in school way too long, and are just beginning to step into the real world with our first *real* jobs (with salaries and benefits and all that extra paperwork jazz)…

Published: June 14, 2008
What employee manuals on health insurance, taxes and retirement plans should say, but don’t.


time capsule June 9, 2008

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Saturday, I graduated from medical school.  Sunday, I moved 400 miles.  Today, I showed up at my new residency for my employee health screening/physical.  There’s been so much craziness over the last few days, that I’ve barely had a moment to process all these big changes in my life.

When I returned my gown after the grad ceremony, I was handed a manila envelope.   “Health clearance records and stuff,” the staffperson said.  That’s nice of them, I thought, knowing that we all had so much else on our minds besides digging up records for our residency programs.  I tossed it in the back of the car with my graduation cap, and immediately forgot about it as I reverted to stressing about coordinating lunch and family and finishing my packing.

I brought the manila envelope with me to the hospital today for my physical, and pulled out copies of my diploma, health clearance records from four years ago when I entered medical school, a reminder about the medical school alumni association, etc.  It wasn’t until later, as I was putting these papers back into the manila envelope that I realized there was something else in the envelope, something smaller that had escaped my notice.  I pulled out a small note-card sized envelope and thought, oh it must be a congratulations or goodbye card from the school staff…   I then realized that it was MY handwriting on the front that had addressed it to “Sharon Pham, c/o 2008”.

I opened it up to find a note written to me, by me, four years ago:

Oct 2, 2004

You’re an MD!  As a premed in college the road seemed endless, but now you’re there.  Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the journey and retained the idealism and passion that motivated you to take this path.  When you started med school you had a number of interests – peds hem/onc, health policy, underserved communities, teaching – and these may have changed or strengthened.  You also had (or have) a boyfriend of 2 yrs who you could see yourself growing old with.  Hopefully you’ll continue to have wonderful people in your life and enjoy a good balance of professional and personal lives.  Never forget where you’ve been as you head into new and exciting parts of your life.

<3,  SP

I nearly cried when I read this (and am in fact crying right now as I copy my note for this post).  When we were given 10 minutes at our first-year retreat to do this exercise, I had no idea what to write and no clue what the next four years would hold for me.  And yet, I managed to write the perfect note for me.  For future med school graduate me who has survived four years of some of the highest highs and some of the lowest lows, and has questioned her career choice a hundred or so times (and questioned her sanity a million times), and has met some amazing people along the way (patients, attendings, classmates), and and who, by the way, still has that boyfriend (now 6 yrs and counting).

At our retreat four years ago, I had no idea how valuable this exercise would turn out to be, and now I’m so thankful that someone told me to write this letter to myself.  I hope the rest of my classmates find their notes an equally pleasant (and poignant) surprise.