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you know you’re travelled-out when… January 31, 2008

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… you find yourself utterly bored on the plane because your mp3 player’s battery died and you’ve already read all the articles and attempted all the crossword and sudoku puzzles in the airplane magazine on previous flights.

on a related note, as of yesterday, my black suit is officially retired. 

p.s.  i realize i haven’t posted in forever, partly because i have several drafts that i never bothered to finish.  hopefully i will catch up this weekend.


tired is… September 22, 2006

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[on surgery]  …collapsing in bed and sleeping for 3 hrs without any thought of eating at the end of a grueling 14 hr day devoid of any kind of sustenance other than coffee.

[on newborn nursery]  …wondering for the briefest moment whether it would be possible to eat while lying in bed and coming to the sad conclusion that no, you cannot multitask eating while sleeping.