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it don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that swing

currently listening: bruno mars September 21, 2013

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currently listening: rilo kiley March 18, 2013

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when i first heard Jenny Lewis’s plaintive voice on KCRW the other day i was confused – how did i not already have this song in my expansive collection of pre-“Under the Blacklight” Rilo Kiley songs?!

as it turns out, they are releasing a new album of b sides and rarities

…now if only they would get back together for real


currently listening: the living sisters February 21, 2013

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recently discovered the living sisters’ beautiful harmonies (via KCRW of course).

finally looked them up and found that eleni mandell is one of the singers! also inara george from the bird and the bee.


currently listening: coeur de pirate October 1, 2012

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Coeur de Pirate – Adieu (OFF SESSION)

coeur de pirate – ava   


Currently listening: Eleni Mandell July 9, 2012

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heard this on KCRW in the car yesterday and had to look it up the second I got home.

wish i could see her live at the Hotel Cafe in LA tomorrow but it’s a school night…


currently listening: mumford and sons March 10, 2011

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music wishlist November 27, 2010

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other than listening to my she&him pandora music station i haven’t been nearly as active a music listener as i used to be.

there are, however, a few songs that i would love to own, but don’t seem to available for purchase as either an mp3 or CD.  if anyone out there has these songs, or knows where i can get them, please let me know!


arctic monkeys :: only you know
(apparently i love arctic monkeys covers of oldies)



teddy thompson :: take care of yourself
heard today on KCRW