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new year’s resolutions February 4, 2011

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i stopped writing down new year’s resolutions many years ago because they were mostly wishful thinking. but since one of my resolutions was to blog a bit more regularly, i figured i might as well record them officially on the blog.  also now it’s lunar new year so can’t put this off any more….

in no particular order

1.  collect less plastic bags, ie use my reusable bags

this has actually gone fairly well, i’m happy to say.  i just make sure to keep my Envirosax in my purse, and bust it out when i’m at the grocery store or Target checkout line.

2.  cook more often

notice i didn’t say every day, or even twice a week.  based on all my past failures, i think creating realistic, manageable goals is the key to actually achieving a change.   maybe next year, i’ll up the ante to twice a week 🙂  also, next year i will hopefully have a less time-intensive, draining schedule so that it’ll definitely be a realistic goal.

3.  blog more often

i pretty much stopped blogging once i started residency, but when i look back at older entries, i realize how useful this blog was in terms of journalling my life and helping me process everything.  in medicine, our hectic daily schedules don’t always afford us the time to process our experiences, the good or the bad.  when i’m at the hospital, i’m usually doing two things at once, and then immediately moving on to something else.  and now i have 3 years worth of experiences that i’ve been meaning to blog about.

4.  be more active

ok, i am definitely not going to the gym or running on a treadmill.   but i used to go jogging at the park or rollerblading at the beach every now and then, and i miss it.  so far, josh and i managed to do a walk along the beach at crystal cove the first weekend of the new year.  so hopefully we’ll do something again in the next few weeks…  i do want to do some indoor rock climbing or ballroom dancing in 2011.

5. be more positive

residency, mostly because of sleep deprivation, can make a person quite bitter and cynical.  i’m not trying to be miss sunshine, i just don’t want to weigh myself down with more negativity

plus there are a zillion things on my “to-do” list, but hopefully these 5 goals will help me a better me in 2011


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