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surprise September 7, 2008

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this was a golden weekend for me, meaning a weekend with TWO whole days off.  in a row.  these only come once a month during our inpatient rotations, and i usually spend mine: 1) catching up on sleep, 2) catching up on dictations, and 3) catching up on errands. 

i was post-call Friday, and basically slept all afternoon, woke up and ate dinner and tried to do some work, and then back to sleep til Saturday.  did a little bit of work on Sat before heading out to the parents’ house in Cerritos.  i had plans to go shopping at the mall with my brother, so when I got to Cerritos, my brother and i headed to the mall almost immediately.

unbeknownst to me, something (by the name of Josh) was afoot. 

my brother and i spent a couple hours at the mall; i returned a few things, bought a few more.  at one point, we passed by a jewelry store going out of business and i joked to my brother that i should tell josh to look for rings there.  my brother spent a lot of time on the phone, talking to someone i thought was one of his friends.

though Josh had told me he was visiting his family in Atwater, he had apparently driven down from Norcal on Sat morning, and had reached Socal by the afternoon.  after my brother and i left for the mall, Josh went to my parents’ house to formally ask them for permission to marry me.

my brother and i returned from the mall, and had dinner with my parents (josh had left because he was planning to surprise me at my apt).  i did some laundry, and was hanging out, waiting for my clothes to dry.  the entire time, no one let on that anything was going on.  in retrospect, the only thing that seemed unusual was that my mom kept telling me to call her the next day.  (i thought it was just my mom being her normally weird self.)

by the time i got back to my apt, it was past midnight.  i called josh for our nightly phone conversation but he didn’t answer. (he’d gotten tired of waiting for me, and had decided to go to 24 hr finess, since he had nowhere else to go).  i was awoken by my cell phone ringing at 2 am, and was surprised to find that it was josh calling me in the middle of the night.

“do you know what time it is?!  why are you calling me?!”  i sleepily answered.

the next thing i know, someone is knocking on the door at 2 in the morning.  very confused as to why Josh was calling so late, and now why someone would be knocking on the door so late, i stumbled out of bed and opened the door to find Josh standing on my doorstep with a bouquet of roses.

“what are you doing here?!  i’m sooo confused,”  i said, still half-asleep.  I couldn’t quite believe everything that was happening, it was like a strange dream.

And there, in my living room with boxes still unpacked, and me in my PJs and half-asleep, Josh proposed.  I cried, of course.  And somewhere along the way,  I said yes.

we're engaged!

we're engaged!


the ring

the ring