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hello July 12, 2008

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an update emailed to some friends:

helloooo people
i have been practically living at the hospital, more specifically, the NICU.  tomorrow is my first day off in 2 weeks, and i can’t believe how i’ve gone this long on 5 hrs or less of sleep per night.
my first call was scary since it was only day 3 of work, i had no senior resident or fellow with me, and it was the weekend so i also had to round on twice as many pts in the morning.  luckily the babies decided to spare me and there were only a couple of times i wanted to freak out, and only once that i paged the attending.
i pretty much live and breathe NICU at this point.  get up at 5, get to the hospital at 6, leave around 5 or 7 pm, take a short nap, eat dinner, check e-mail, and then start pre-noting or working on d/c summaries for the next day.  the good news is that after working 10 days straight, i’m feeling more comfortable (the first day of rounding was a disaster) and i’m finding myself worried that i actually sorta kinda maybe *like* the NICU.
also you know what’s weird?  walking out of the hospital post-call and having to actually think about where i parked my car the morning prior.