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budapest observations April 10, 2008

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  • everyone here is very friendly
  • lots of old, beautiful buildings
  • also lots of graffiti
  • pool = billiards and pinball = flipper
  • order of items on a menu:  drinks, soups, main courses, salads, desserts
  • cost of a glass of water: 250 forint (roughly $1.50)
  • cost of a glass of wine: 300 forint (roughly $2.00)
  • cost of a glass of juice: 300 forint
  • bars are coffeehouses and restaurants as well
  • coffee is usually an espresso with milk or cream or both, to be enjoyed at the cafe, not in paper cups to go
  • i have not yet seen a sugar substitute (ie equal or splenda)
  • vegetables are not a regular part of dishes or sandwiches
  • salad seems to be a foreign concept.  the only raw vegetables eaten are tomatoes and cucumbers.
  • cream and/or cheese is found in nearly all dishes – there is no shortage of calcium here.
  • the cheapest opera tickets are 1000 forint (roughly $6.00)

…to be continued