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the devil wears prada December 16, 2007

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i just finished two of the most painful weeks of my medical school career, which is rather impressive considering that i’d already survived 3rd year.  if you have talked to me at all in the last couple weeks you’ve already heard me complain.

the first shock of the rotation was the prospect of having to do H&Ps after finishing rounds at 5 pm.  the typical workday ended about 7 or 8 pm, and i kept asking myself why i was working AI hours.  okay, so i had long hours.  not the ideal 4th year elective, but i like working in the hospital anyway, so it’d be okay, right?

apparently not if your attending is someone whose mere mention draws instantaneous shudders and looks of pity for the poor students under her tutelage.  or someone who one of my classmates cleverly compared to meryl streep’s character from The Devil Wears Prada.

i will refrain from retelling all the stories of medical student mistreatment endured these past 2 weeks (culture of medicine –> build a thick skin), but here are a few gems:

“it’s like pulling teeth” – in reference to my constantly interrupted presentation (interrupted by who?)

“what medical school do you guys go to?” – rhetorical question she posed after realizing our pharmacology was weak

“i’m not sure if you’re getting anything out of rounds” – because we’re just dumb idiots sitting there silently and not understanding anything.

and there’s so much much more.

she definitely beats the previous holder of the title of Snidest Unnecessary Comments

surgery attending to the intern: “you’re not a medical student anymore, you know”


currently listening: foxboro hot tubs December 9, 2007

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supposedly a Green Day reincarnation (it’s hard to miss Billie Joe’s distinct voice) with a retro 50s-60s vibe.

download the 6-song album for free from their website.

 UPDATE:  hmm, it looks like they’ve stopped offering the album on their website.  you can still listen at


currently listening: rosie thomas and sufjan stevens December 8, 2007

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i first heard Rosie Thomas in a collection of songs featured on every single Grey’s Anatomy episode of the first two seasons that some crazy fan put together (a pretty good collection, btw).  my sister sent me this song a few weeks ago, and until now, i didn’t even realize the other singer was Sufjan Stevens.

Rosie Thomas and Sufjan Stevens – Say Hello


 if you click here, it looks like you can even download the mp3, though it has a couple second odeo ad with it.


limiting reagent

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we’re so used to ordering whatever tests we want for patients, though we do occasionally consider cost.  for one of my patients we had a bit of a discussion whether this test was indicated, considering that there was a good chance we would not make any changes to his management.  the attending, however, wanted the test, and so it was ordered along with another scan.  it was a bit surprising to learn the next day that he would be unable to undergo these tests, not because of time or cost or efficacy, but simply because of a national shortage of technetium-99.

i guess the upside is that this forces us to really evaluate the necessity/utility of the tests we order.