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liebe ist… August 31, 2007

Filed under: sappiness=happiness — sp @ 12:20 am

so i am writing this after having slept from 4 pm to 10 pm.  yes, i am post-call and got one hr of sleep last night.  i came home to find a giant pink postcard from josh that couldn’t have had better timing.



if you hadn’t already guessed it, i am a huge sap (see: favorite songs, movies, books, etc.) and have been a fan of the “Love Is…” comics since i was bored enough to read the LA Times cover to cover (summers during grade school), and discovered the “Love Is…” comics along with the word jumble hidden in the classified ads section.  i used to cut out the ones i thought were particularly cute or might be applicable in the future, as i had no boyfriends or even potential ones at that point.  and yes, i have a collection of these newspaper clippings somewhere, in addition to some books that josh has bought me for various occasions, and a screen printed tank top that my sister bought me.


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