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my second home August 24, 2007

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these days, i find studying at home impossible.  when you need the internet, however, it’s a bit harder to find places to study.  i’ve tried a dozen coffee shops in sacramento, but none seem to have the starbucks effect.  some close too early (9 or 10 pm?  that’s when the studying really starts).  some have inconsistent internet.  others play awful music or serve lattes that are neither creamy nor sweet enough.

the starbucks nearby is open 24 hrs (!) and has the standard Hear Music playlist (which i usually like) and the standard starbucks drinks.  the only downside is the lack of free internet.  but i caved last night and decided to go for the tmobile hotspot internet so that i could actually get some studying done instead of feeling miserable at home.

the minute i stepped into the starbucks, a feeling of calm and focus settled over me.  more than just the coffee and music, i think that all those years of studying at starbucks has left me ingrained with the sense that starbucks = studying. 

studying at home can feel so lonely.  sitting amongst all the other starbucks customers (law students, med students, couples on dates, cops, random people reading books, parents with their tiny tots), i feel more alive.  though i don’t strike up conversations with random people at coffee shops, simply being in their presence is a comforting reminder of the world out there and the lives being lived.  even if for some, that life involves endless studying…


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