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liebe ist… August 31, 2007

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so i am writing this after having slept from 4 pm to 10 pm.  yes, i am post-call and got one hr of sleep last night.  i came home to find a giant pink postcard from josh that couldn’t have had better timing.



if you hadn’t already guessed it, i am a huge sap (see: favorite songs, movies, books, etc.) and have been a fan of the “Love Is…” comics since i was bored enough to read the LA Times cover to cover (summers during grade school), and discovered the “Love Is…” comics along with the word jumble hidden in the classified ads section.  i used to cut out the ones i thought were particularly cute or might be applicable in the future, as i had no boyfriends or even potential ones at that point.  and yes, i have a collection of these newspaper clippings somewhere, in addition to some books that josh has bought me for various occasions, and a screen printed tank top that my sister bought me.


my second home August 24, 2007

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these days, i find studying at home impossible.  when you need the internet, however, it’s a bit harder to find places to study.  i’ve tried a dozen coffee shops in sacramento, but none seem to have the starbucks effect.  some close too early (9 or 10 pm?  that’s when the studying really starts).  some have inconsistent internet.  others play awful music or serve lattes that are neither creamy nor sweet enough.

the starbucks nearby is open 24 hrs (!) and has the standard Hear Music playlist (which i usually like) and the standard starbucks drinks.  the only downside is the lack of free internet.  but i caved last night and decided to go for the tmobile hotspot internet so that i could actually get some studying done instead of feeling miserable at home.

the minute i stepped into the starbucks, a feeling of calm and focus settled over me.  more than just the coffee and music, i think that all those years of studying at starbucks has left me ingrained with the sense that starbucks = studying. 

studying at home can feel so lonely.  sitting amongst all the other starbucks customers (law students, med students, couples on dates, cops, random people reading books, parents with their tiny tots), i feel more alive.  though i don’t strike up conversations with random people at coffee shops, simply being in their presence is a comforting reminder of the world out there and the lives being lived.  even if for some, that life involves endless studying…


talent August 21, 2007

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i meant to post this a long time ago.

you may know imogen heap for her solo work, or more likely as part of frou frou.  the music’s ok, sometimes too mellow for me. 

but i saw this youtube video of imogen singing “just for now” a capella (sort of) and i was so impressed by her ability to create such a full and rich performance with her voice, her hands, and a mixer.  all those layers took quite some coordination.  who needs a band or backup singers when you’ve got a mixer?


a summer in a post August 15, 2007

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yes, it’s been a long time.  not that i’ve been any busier than the always-busy feeling that i will never be rid of as a medical student…  i guess i just haven’t been feeling as inspired, or, as is usually is the case when i blog, i haven’t felt as desperate to put off some studying.  but i decided i might as well start somewhere or else i’ll never get back in the swing of posting.

so some random updates of the last few months:

may :: we saw bright eyes at the Greek in berkeley, and ben gibbard (of death cab for cutie) at the Fillmore.  bright eyes was a fun show, but i LOVED the ben gibbard show – it was him and a guitar, and also a surprise appearance by jenny lewis for backup vocals on a couple songs.  i’ve previously posted my love for DCFC, and this show only augmented that love and especially for ben and his geeky glasses and charming performance.  the link above takes you to the NPR live concert series, where you can listen to ben’s show.  i loved that he opened with donovan’s “sing a song for you, that’s what i’m here to do, sing for you…”  ::  josh graduated, not once, but four times.  because of my schedule, i only had to go to one of these ceremonies, which his family later told me was the best one anyway  ::  one reason i could only make it to one ceremony was that i had to sit through a mock medical malpractice trial, which was the most boring thing ever (poor volunteer judge) and cemented my absolute lack of interest in being a lawyer.  it was interesting to hear the fake jurors’ rationale for their decisions, and at the same time disheartening to realize how little medicine can be taught during the course of a trial, and how much their decisions were based upon preconceived notions.

june ::  josh and i saw Jersey Boys in SF (think dreamgirls with less girl drama and more humor and italian mob).  josh knew i loved the music, though it looked like the two of us comprised 20% of the under-40 yo audience  ::   i went home for a week, whereupon i began my obsession with pinkberry frozen yogurt (more on that next time).

july ::  we watched Transformers, which was entertaining, but had some way too cheesy lines  (e.g. Sam making demands of some agent, and doing what any hero would do for the love of his life: “I want my car, my parents. Maybe you should write that down. Oh and her juvie record. That’s gotta be gone. Like: Forever.”)   ::  otherwise, i was in the hospital.  a lot.

august ::  i chopped off over 7 inches of hair and josh got a buzzcut (we should’ve taken before and after pictures)  ::  we finally watched harry potter #5  ::  josh left for europe.  as i helped him prepare for his trip, which included shopping (yay) and convincing him to bring more than two pairs of underwear (the tagline on the package was something like: 17 countries, 3 weeks… 1 pair of underwear) i decided i wasn’t really that sad that i would not be joining him on his backpacking trip  ::  this past friday, i finished hospital work, and to ease the hospital withdrawal, the next day i spied on my patients via EMR because i hate signing off when there are still acute issues, and also, i am a hospital junkie  ::  to celebrate having enough time to sleep more than 4 hrs a night, i proceeded to stay up til nearly 5 am reading harry potter #7, which was both wonderful and bittersweet at the same time.  i woke up sunday morning in harry potter withdrawal, and decided i had to re-read the last few chapters.

and now, i am desperately trying to put off studying.  i’ve already paid bills, done laundry, and even re-organized some of my mp3s.  i guess it’s time to study…