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the administrators have too much time May 31, 2007

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i know i haven’t posted in forever.  though i doubt anyone really cares, i will try to fill in some of those gaps *sometime*.

anyhow, just had to share this HILAROUS email that i just read tonight. 

Date:     Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Subject:  Important message and opportunity from Dr. DEAN 

I am writing at this time with the hope of identifying 2 students to attend the Chancellor’s Fall Conference in Lake Tahoe on September 17 and 18…

…The theme this year is Information Technology and they are looking for students who may have used any IT tool and has “an interesting story to tell” on how it benefitted you…

…Let me know if you have anything of interest to report and I will nominate
your name.  Someone who can speak passionately about how IT has shaped
their education. You need to send me a short para on your experience and what you learned from it about the potential of IT. Please realize that there will be a selection process and nomination alone does not mean that you will get selected…

yes, you read that correctly… the chancellors need someone to speak passionately about the transformative experience of writing orders in the computer or instant learning via UptoDate.  i’m just trying to imagine the meeting where this was discussed…

 “Who better than a real live student to discusss his use of technology and remind us how important it is for the future of health care?” 

“Oh but it would have to someone who could do it PASSIONATELY, because it would be so mundane otherwise, and simply dampen the energetic tone of this conference!”

“You’re absolutely right.  We’d better make sure to have the students submit applications so we can choose the ones most passionate about EMR (Electronic Medical Records)…”