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torn April 1, 2007

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there have been plenty of rough times this year.  but never have i felt so close to a breakdown as i have during these past few weeks.  and it’s not any one thing but the confluence of so many stressors and expectations, both personal and professional.  sometimes i just feel like i’m being pulled back and forth and apart, without a chance to pause and reflect on or even enjoy the present. 

at the same time, i feel guilty about even complaining about my life when so many people have it so much worse.  i have the luxury of worrying about finding a job that makes me happy rather than one that makes money.  i have the privilege of being in a profession which involves instant connection with people during their best and worst times.


2 Responses to “torn”

  1. Lone Coyote Says:

    Hang in there. I’ll call you when I’m done today and we can go to Starbucks and study and vent.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hey, hope you are hanging in there. I had some major weak points this year. Life can be hard enough, without the 3rd year stresses of no sleep, sick patients, judging attendings, demanding residents, and now, all this pressure to figure out what we want to be in our lives. a 4th year told me at the beginning of this year to hum the mantra “this too shall pass” whenver things get really bad. it’s helped quite a bit.
    be gentle with yourself.

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