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sad reality March 10, 2007

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today, i was post-call and STILL at the hospital at 3 pm.  though i’d gotten 3 hrs of sleep the night before, this was not where i imagined myself being on the afternoon of my post-call day.  however, not only was i still there at 3 pm, if i’d only had the magic power to write orders, i could’ve been out by 1 pm or so.  but no, there i was, hanging out, waiting for the on-call intern to correctly write orders for some dilaudid to give to a pt so i could get a wound culture from her cellulitis/almost abscess so i could go home.

of course it wasn’t her fault that my intern had already disappeared, and this intern was busy trying to manage the floor patients as well as admit new ones the same time as i was trying to get a wound culture per my attending’s request.  but it was quite frustrating to spend 3 hrs to get everything in place for a 1 min procedure.

as i waited for stuff to get done, i decided to check my email, and discovered emails with the following:

  • my sister had gotten into johns hopkins (yay!) for grad school
  • my brother had questions about med school… to which my response began “well, i’m post-call, got only 3 hrs of sleep, and i’m STILL at the hospital” 
  • my friend had been dumped by a girl who had been seeing a resident at the same time 😮
  • and so the list went…

when i listened to my voicemail, i discovered that josh had received a job offer. 

and it suddenly occurred to me how much of life goes on without me.  and how sad it was that i had to learn all this stuff via email and voicemail, and yet if it weren’t for technology, i would feel even less connected to my friends’ and family’s lives.  if i had young kids, it’d be sooo hard to see how much they were growing up without me.

p.s. and if it weren’t for the ten minutes of NPR i caught on Friday, i’d have had no idea this weekend was daylight saving time.


One Response to “sad reality”

  1. Lone Coyote Says:

    I feel your pain. Here I am post-call and still freaking awake at almost 9 pm. I did get 4 hours of sleep last night and was out by noon, so it wasn’t as horrible as your day. I too hate how disconnected from my life I am. Only 6 more weeks. We can do it 🙂

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