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small moments to hold onto March 8, 2007

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it’s week 2 of my medicine rotation and things have been looking pretty bleak.  the transition from psych to internal medicine has been rough.  on psych, i could rely on common sense and recognition of basic patterns of psych pathology.  on IM i’m expected to spout knowledge of all kinds of details from kidney physiology to the management protocol for new onset atrial fibrillation at any moment, and to keep an eye on my patients’ 10+ problems and 20+ medications.  i’ve been feeling like a fish out of water everyday for the past 1.5 weeks.

however, there have been a few rays of light:  

  • a patient telling me “you have good bedside manner”  🙂
  • putting in a femoral line (!) today

 hmm i think i need more moments on this list if i’m going to survive…