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home is: where your credit card/bank statements go? December 25, 2006

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i’ve been home for a week now, doing mostly nothing.  the occasional cooking.  the near-daily shopping trips, usually at 8 pm or later [highly recommended for avoiding the roaming-around-for-30-minutes-plus parking headaches].  the requisite dining out with my parents at a sushi/asian food buffet. 

the same afternoon i got home last week, i went to the library and promptly checked out a few books and dvds. [yay books!]  i was sad to learn, however, that my library card was up for renewal which essentially means that i’ve run out of ways to justify having access to Reader’s Digest’s Best Public Library (2004) considering that except for a one-year stint in between college and med school, i haven’t lived here for 7 1/2 years.

after the check-out person explained the required proof of residence for renewing my library card, i tried the “what if my parents pay all the bills” excuse, which must have sounded ridiculous since, hello, i’m 25 years old [even if i don’t look like it]. alas, it didn’t work and i’ll just have to resign myself to relying on my sister to check out books for me.


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