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violated December 1, 2006

Filed under: adventure — sp @ 1:00 am

more car drama. 

earlier this evening, i was heading over to a friend’s house for dinner and Grey’s Anatomy.  i opened the driver’s side door of my car and noticed my car kleenex cup in my seat.  that’s weird, i thought.   how did that get that from the cup holder to the driver’s seat?

as i settled into the seat, i noticed that the center console underneath the dashboard looked different… it looked kind of empty…  my cds were missing!  and some mini-drawer thing on the driver’s left that i never knew existed was pulled out!  were they trying to hotwire my car?!

though my car didn’t suffer any apparent damage, it was unsettling to think that someone had somehow gotten into my car.  i know we don’t live in the best area, but it has seemed relatively safe around here.  i can’t even pinpoint when the robbery happened, since i haven’t driven my car in a couple days.

luckily, since i don’t keep anything valuable in my car, the most they made off with was a bunch of cds, mostly burned.  the few orignal cds in my car included cds from a capella groups [definitely no street value] and a Regina Spektor cd [very limited street value since she’s no mega-star].  i’m sad about losing the Regina Spektor cd since it’s the special edition sold at her concerts but at least i’d already ripped it onto my computer.

so if you hear me singing “sexyback” a lot, it’s because it’s the only cd left in my car (it was safe in the cd player).


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