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this old house November 20, 2006

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unlike the suburbs of LA or the many new developments in Davis, the houses in downtown and midtown Sac are old.  when looking for a place to live this meant combing through scores of “charming” “Victorian” homes with “character.”  our house is no exception.  it did meet my minimum requirements of central heating and air conditioning (Sac is both too hot and too cold to do without this modern convenience) and a good-sized kitchen.  also, it is 2 minutes walking distance to the hospital, which i love, especially each morning on surgery that i brushed my teeth, threw on some scrubs and was pre-rounding on patients a mere 15 minutes after dragging myself out of bed.  but still, it is old, and has old-house problems – like bathtub faucet handles breaking off and wooden window frames that appear ready to break off entirely any day now.

after dinner last night, the circuit which supplies our major kitchen appliances – refrigerator, microwave, coffeemaker, and oh yeah, stove – shorted out or something [i know nothing about electricity other than V= iR].  this evening i had actually cooked dinner for my friends (vietnamese honey roasted chicken and braised tofu) so i guess i’m lucky that the power didn’t go out earlier in the night.

the power going out has not been a new problem for us.  every so often, and with increasing frequency this last week, the power in the kitchen goes out in the middle of microwaving.  usually the problem is fixed with a simple flip of some switch in the fusebox/circuit breaker thingamob in the back of the house [seriously, i know nothing about household electricity].  except last night it had nothing to do with the microwave (i for-real cooked!), and flipping the switch did nothing.

so now we have no way of cooking or heating food.  and if we weren’t able to hook the refrigerator up to an extension cord that barely makes it to the outlet in the dining room, we’d also have a lot of melting frozen dinners and rotting food.

maybe someone up there is trying to say something about my cooking?


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