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regina spektor in SF October 13, 2006

Filed under: calendar,music — sp @ 6:33 pm

i previously posted about regina spektor as a “currently listening” selection.  and while i was checking out some concert calendars in anticipation of my upcoming family vacation practice rotation, i discovered that she’ll be performing at the Fillmore on Sun Oct 29.  good thing i was too busy to remember to buy david sedaris tickets [sorry david, but i’ve always been more of a music person than a comedy person.  plus, the concert tix are cheaper.]

p.s. jenny lewis will be playing at the Fillmore on Oct 30 but that’s a Monday, so no go.


2 Responses to “regina spektor in SF”

  1. Lone Coyote Says:

    Interesting. Perhaps I’ll have to check it out. She reminds me somewhat of an artist named Erin McKeown from Boston.

  2. sp Says:

    so i decided to check out this erin chick on myspace, and regina spektor is one of her “top 8” myspace friends.  as is rachael yamagata, whose music i also enjoy.

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