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Don’t forget to register to vote! October 12, 2006

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because i have been living in a time and space vacuum known as “third year of med school,” where life consists of hospital, reading, writing H&Ps, looking up literature on pubmed, eating, and finally, sleeping (in that order of importance), i have been totally out of touch with the real world. 

bills nearly go unpaid.  food in the refrigerator goes bad or doesn’t get re-stocked.  if it weren’t for the other people on my street who regularly take out their trash a half day in advance of trash pick-up, we would probably have our own mini-landfill by the side of our house.

anyhow, the thought just occurred to me that elections are coming up soon, and i have to re-register to vote, with the moving 3 months ago and all.  so if you haven’t done so yet, stop by your local post office, library, or county elections office and fill out your registration form by Monday October 23!

now as to knowing the actual issues and candidates on this year’s ballot… that’ll have to wait until after the shelf exam.

p.s.  speaking of my ignorance of all things relating to the ongoing realities of normal life, someone needs to remind me when we change our clocks.  i’m not kidding when i say that i will end up showing up to the hospital an hour early.


One Response to “Don’t forget to register to vote!”

  1. Lone Coyote Says:

    You and me both. Can I just say that auto-pay from my bank account is a lifesaver for my credit rating this year? How the hell are we going to do this for the next 4-8 years?

  2. […] Sunday morning we woke up at 10 am and panicked because we were supposed to be in SF in an hour.  we quickly showered and were out the door in 30 minutes, at which point we realized that it was only 9:30 am because daylight saving time had ended. [see?  didn’t i tell you that i would totally not know?] […]

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