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currently listening: matt costa October 11, 2006

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     Songs We Sing

Matt Costa :: Songs We Sing 

 i first heard matt costa when he opened for jack johnson two summers ago.  like jack’s music, matt’s songs are the kind you find yourself humming in your head.  i knew immediately that matt costa would be a name i would find as a headliner in the not too distant future.  the only thing i thought might keep him from being a big star would be the folksiness of his pop.

so i was super-excited to hear one of my fave matt costa songs, “cold december,” on the radio today just as i was lamenting the seeming lack of any good music on the radio lately.  i only caught the end of the song, and i hope he hasn’t toned down the folksy sound for this re-release of Songs We Sing.  still, it’s exciting to see a lesser known artist with a unique sound on mainstream radio.  [goodness knows i’ve had enough of 3 doors down and the pussycat dolls.]

my fave tracks from the album (the 2005 release anyway)
[1] Cold December
[2] Astair
[7] My Sweet Rose

darn, this 2006 release has a bunch of different songs, which means i’ll have to go and buy it…


One Response to “currently listening: matt costa”

  1. Legit Says:

    I’ll have to check this guy out. I’m a big fan of Jack Johnson. Thanks for write’n a bit about him.

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