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a 3 hr weekend October 8, 2006

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i was post-call this afternoon after my 8th day working in a row.  after sleeping a few hours, i should have spent the rest of my “day off” studying for tomorrow’s quiz, or studying for the shelf, or writing H&Ps but i chose to treat myself to a few hours of normal life instead.  read the newspaper while eating a yummy dinner at cafe barnardo’s.   then, a trip to target to stock up on some household stuff.  i haven’t had this kind of time to myself in weeks.  and now it’s back to the grind.  *sigh*  i need a real weekend.


2 Responses to “a 3 hr weekend”

  1. Lone Coyote Says:

    Great, I can’t wait for Peds….

    Is it fun at least? Labor and Delivery has gotten to be a big time drain too. I can’t wait for my family holiday that will soon begin 🙂

  2. sp Says:

    i’m looking forward to family vacation too. it would be nice to know where i’m supposed to be going in 1.5 weeks though…

    as far as peds goes, the kids are great. the overall scheduling/random crap/non-clinical aspects of peds are not so great. if you want nice hours while inpatient, do nephro. the general wards are almost like surgery hours (11, sometimes 13 hr days).

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